Tracey Wilson
Executive Director, Corporate Services
The Regenda Group


Three years ago North West housing association, Regenda, took the decision to put in place a development and training programme for senior managers. The aim was to develop the leadership skills of their key people.  The business had already identified nine core competencies as the benchmark and focus for improvement.

The issues:

Tracey Wilson, Executive Director, Corporate Services explains:

“Regenda aspires to be the best and we know that we need effective leadership in order to help us achieve this aim. In recent years, the company has been going through a period of immense change and we felt it was an important time to look at the leadership skills within the organisation.

“We wanted to work with a company that could design a diagnostic tool that would look at our senior management team’s skills and then from there a development programme would be put together to help individuals, and the team as a whole, develop.

The results:

After looking at various alternatives Regenda selected Liz McCormac at MD&T for the initial diagnostic test because they saw immediately the benefits of the Assess System and they also liked Liz’s suggested approach. The team were happy to take part because they could see how their future development programme was linked directly to their own competency framework. They knew that any feedback was directly relevant to them and their roles within the organisation.

The first part of the process was to establish a benchmark for members of the management team. MD&T was able to profile individuals’ and the team against Regenda’s nine core competencies. Immediately they could see how they measured up in each area, e.g. communication and understand why and how they could improve in each area. The Assess development reports provided by Liz and MD&T linked in directly with personal development plans.

The next stage of the process was to put together a modular programme of continuous learning. Liz showed us how to use the results of the Assess reports to plan the programme so that resources could be most effective- for example based on the Assess diagnostic results 5 of the managers selected themselves for the CMI’s Level 5 Management Diploma.

The programme finished in October 2008 and the last piece of the jigsaw was to evaluate the results.  Using Assess  MD&T re-visited the targeted competencies and related behaviours for every individual, and compared them with original assessment to see if there was any change — either positive or negative.  The results were extremely positive with every individual showing improvement and positive behavioural change across the nine Regenda competencies. The Regenda team is delighted with the results and are now looking at building on this programme.

Tracey says:

“It is incredible how much the culture has changed over the two years since we embarked on the programme. When Liz met with the group in October 2008 to evaluate the change, she remarked that it was hard to believe that it was the same group of people she had met initially. Certainly, the dynamic in the group is now totally different. There is now far more trust more openness and more confidence. Individuals know how their behaviour fits into our organisation. From a practical point of view, one change has seen the introduction of a monthly senior management team meeting, where there is a shared corporate responsibility and much more openness and trust. I’d say we work together better, and organisation and planning has improved.

“Throughout the process, Liz McCormac showed a great deal of empathy with our team — even if sometimes she had some tough messages to deliver. Liz offers a refreshingly different insight into people management. She has an innate ability to put people at their ease. She has brought an air of confidence and knowledge that has taken this organisation forward.”


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